Arguably the best British jazz album of the year.
Music Week (1975)

Midnight Blue jpeg


Cathedra featuring Harry Beckett and Derek Wadsworth.

Harry Beckett (trumpet and flugelhorn)
Derek Wadsworth (trombone)
Ed Speight (guitar)
Roger Dean (piano)
John Webb (drums)
Graham Collier (bass)

Recording History
First issued on LP by Mosaic, 1975
First issued on CD by Disconforme, 2001
Remastered and repackaged by BGO records as part of a 2 CD compilation, 2009
Remastered by Tom Leader of LCL Digital.

The Tracks
Three compositions inspired by paintings by the American Abstract Expressionist Barnett Newman.
Midnight Blue
Midnight Blue is used as the avatar, complete with record cover illustration, of a regular contributor to the British jazz re-issues thread on the All About Jazz forum.

Some Reviews
An arranger who seems to have truly grasped the essence of his art.
Barry McRae, Jazz Journal International (1975)

The music is free but always articulate and expressive.
Music Week (1975)

Both a cogent return to the tried and true, and a pivotal transition album.
Bill Shoemaker, Jazz Review (2001)

The change of emphasis is subtle and gradual … Collier seems to be looking for a long line on which to hang his increasingly advanced compositional ideas.
The Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD (2001)

The quote in the subheading comes from the Chicago based record store Dusty Groove.

Remastered versions of Darius, Midnight Blue and New Conditions were released on a bargain price double CD by BGO in 2009.

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