Melodically dark and strong, with roots in both the black American jazz and European composed music, all integrated into a personal statement of an incredible depth.
Erling Kroner, Jazz Special, Denmark



The Hackney Five


Featuring The Jazz Ensemble directed by Graham Collier
Henry Lowther, Steve Waterman, Patrick White (trumpet)
Hugh Fraser, Bill Mee (trombone)
Andy Grappy (tuba)
Mark Lockheart, Art Themen, Geoff Warren, Chris Biscoe (saxophones)
Ed Speight (guitar)
Pete Saberton (piano)
Dudley Phillips (bass)
John Marshall (drums)

Recording History
Recorded live at the London Jazz Festival May 1994
Released on CD by Boathouse, 1999
Rereleased by Jazzprint, 2003
Remastered by Tom Leader of LCL Digital.
Reassigned to jazzcontinuum, 2009

The Tracks
The Hackney Five
Charles River Fragments
(Under the Pier, a favourite performance piece for many years, was recorded at the same concert but had to be omitted from the CD because of length. It may well turn up as a free download at some point.)

Some Reviews
The quote in the subheading comes from Philippe Renaud in Improjazz.

Graham Collier remains one of the most interesting purveyors of big-band jazz around. In the same way that an accomplished painter can make one see a colour as if for the first time, Collier combines brass, woodwind and rhythm section in startlingly fresh ways. He has moved far beyond the awful cliches which kept so much big-band writing and arranging in a half-century-old straightjacket.
John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald

Collier is a man with a composers vision and astute arranging instincts he has equipped himself with a formidable solo roster and he deploys his solo permutations with skill.
Barry McRae, Jazz Journal

A magnificently sustained presentation of the artistry and craftsmanship which combine so seamlessly here to create such positive, exhilarating music.
Ken Rattenbury, Crescendo

A magnificent big band composition the powerful solo performances are thrilling.
Swing Journal,

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