Collier's unforced eclecticism and the excellent musicianship by all concerned provide a consistently melodic invention.
Geoff Andrew, Time Out

Something British


Mist on Water featuring Geoff Warren.

Geoff Warren (saxes and flute)
Roger Dean (piano and synthesiser)
Ed Speight (guitar)
Paul Bridge (bass)
Ashley Brown (drums and percussion)
Graham Collier (synthesiser and conductor)

Recording History
Recorded live in Hong Kong, December 1985
First issued on LP by Mosaic, 1987
First issued on CD by Disconforme, 2001
Remastered by Tom Leader of LCL Digital
Reassigned to jazzcontinuum, 2009

The Tracks
A set of pieces written for a British Council tour of the Far East in 1986. The titles reflect some aspects of British life, as does the irony of the main title. Geoff Andrews’ comment ‘bugger the berets’ (below) was a riposte to most other critics who found this departure from my previous work not to their taste. At this remove I have no regrets about the album and feel that it does reflect a certain side of my character as a writer, one that may not be as apparent in my other work.
Midsummer Dawn
Mist on Water
Queensberry Rules
Spring Rain
Deserted Funfair

Some Reviews
Bugger the berets; Collier and Co transcend categories.
Geoff Andrew, Time Out, from which review the quote in the subheading comes.

He approaches the synthesiser not as a keyboard player might but as a composer and orchestrator, using it to extend the palette on which he places the improvising and textural resources of the musicians.
Simon Adams, Jazz Journal

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