There is very little around that competes with Graham Collier at his best, and this album is among his finest.
Steven Loewy,
All Music Guide



Clapping, from Bread & Circuses featuring Graeme Blevins.



Open Blues, from Oxford Palms, featuring Graeme Blevins.

Featuring Graham Collier & The Collective
Adrian Kelly (trumpet/leader)
Lucy Fisher, Stephanie Dean (violins)
Martin Payne (viola)
Jenny Tingley (cello)
Lindsay Vickery, Graeme Blevins, Lee Buddle (saxophones)
Jeremy Greig, Kieran Hurley (trombones)
Matthew Savage (euphonium, trombone)
Phil Waldron (bass)
Grant Windsor, Tom O'Halloran (pianos)
Steve Richter (percussion/marimba)
Hans Drieberg (drums/percussion)

Recording History
Recorded live in Perth, Australia, 2001
First issued on CD by Jazzprint, 2002
Remastered by Tom Leader of LCL Digital
Reassigned to jazzcontinuum, 2009

The Tracks
Bread & Circuses was written for a proposed educational documentary dealing with my methods of composition and was first workshopped at the Royal Academy of Music, London, before being taken to Australia for this recording.
Oxford Palms was commissioned by Meltdown for first performance in Oxford, England. The composition was loosely inspired by the form of Wild Palms, a novel with two interlocking ideas written by William Faulkner, whose home town was Oxford, Missouri.

Some Reviews
It is my highest compliment if I say it is "very Graham Collier".
George Haslam, composer/bandleader, Meltdown

Very impressive ... a journey through different landscapes and weather conditions rich in contrasts where grand formations of mountains and hefty eruptions transform into oases where you can breathe in vegetative calmness.
Boris Rabinowitsch,
Politiken, Denmark

Anyone who knows Graham Collier, be it from his remarkable recordings, his live performances or workshops will understand, that this musician does not swim in the same stream as other jazz composers but is one who always invents new ideas and tries to find new methods.
Ulfert Goeman, Jazz Podium

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