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Deep Dark Blue Centre (1967) Vinyl, CD, enhanced vinyl, CD package
Down Another Road (1969) Vinyl, CD, CD package
Songs for My Father (1970) Vinyl, CD, CD, CD package
Mosaics (1971) Vinyl, CD, CD Package
+ previously unissued Alternate version on the second BGO package

Portraits (1973) Vinyl, CD, CD package
Darius (1974) Vinyl, CD, CD package
Midnight Blue (1975) Vinyl, CD, CD package
New Conditions (1976) Vinyl, CD, CD package
These eight records and The Alternate Mosaics were remastered and repackaged by BGO for a series documenting Graham's early recordings in specially priced double CDs.

Symphony of Scorpions (1977) Vinyl, CD now out on BGO with The Day of the Dead
The Day of the Dead (1978) Double vinyl, double CD now out on BGO with Symphony of Scorpions
Something British, Made in Hong Kong (1987) Vinyl, CD
Charles River Fragments (1995) CD
Adam’s Marble (1995) CD
The Third Colour (1999) Double CD
Winter Oranges (2002) CD
Bread and Circuses (2003) CD
Workpoints (2005) Double CD
Hoarded Dreams (2007) CD
directing 14 Jackson Pollocks (2009) Double CD
“Relook” (2012) Double CD NEW

See Free Stuff for a list of legal sites where all Graham Collier related music can be downloaded or streamed from.


Interaction, Opening up the Jazz Ensemble (1995) Book and CD package
the jazz composer, moving music off the paper (2009) Book
More writings by Graham Collier can be seen at jazzcontinuum

Saxophone Quartets

Four pieces for Paul Klee (2005) Saxophone Quartets Published by Advance Music
memories arrested in space (2010) Saxophone Quartets Published by Advance Music

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