Free Potatoes Today!
Imagine when driving by a field of potatoes, you’re greeted by a sign saying ‘these potatoes are free today’. When questioned about this, the man sitting by the sign says ‘Well, I didn’t grow them but I decided that anyone who wants can come in and take them for free. The farmer’s away growing something else in another field, but if he comes by I’ll tell him that I’m helping people to like potatoes, and that this will encourage them to buy their next bag legally.’

I have some doubts as to whether this approach works in terms of music - or potatoes - especially when one sees so many offers of ‘unlimited downloads for free’. Recently I added a comment to some others, all very favourable to my music, on a website that was offering the complete Down Another Road album as a free download. I said I was flattered that people liked it, but asked, politely, who had given the blogger permission to offer the album on his site. Within hours all the comments about that posting, and the download link, had been taken down!
Water under the bridge, and certainly an example of a growing problem for all artists which we can’t police and prevent, individually or even together. I do realise that some musicians are happy to give their music away for free, but I feel that I deserve as much respect as the supermarket where you have to pay before you take anything away. Like the supermarket I have to pay the bills incurred in making the product, and also save some seed money towards my next project.
However, making samples of my music available as a showcase and guide to what I’m doing as a musician is of course necessary, and has been an integral part of this site for some time. This new page lists all the free stuff that is available and which can be downloaded without permission. Pass it on to friends if you wish but before using it in any published form - on the web or elsewhere - please ask for permission. Public performance of any of the MSS included here is welcomed and is covered by PRS and MCPS licenses. Please fill in the correct forms at the time.

Legal Free Stuff from Graham Collier
NB: Blogs and Podcasts can obtain legal access to many full length tracks of mine by joining the download consolidation service IODA
A list of Writings by Graham Collier, useable under the same terms as above, is available on the jazzcontinuum site. (The Free Potatoes analogy was originally a Comment from that site.)

Videos on You Tube
Interview cut with sections of From Acorns
featuring Harry Beckett and the East Midlands Jazz Orchestra, Derby Jazz Festival 2007.

More to come soon.

These four very basic videos were posted without my permission, presumably by fans wanting to spread the word. Under a new PRS deal with YouTube I do get royalties from the plays they gather so I’m happy to leave them up, at least for now. But I wish they had asked!
Aberdeen Angus
Song Three (9/8)
Hirayoshi Suite
Lullaby for a Lonely Child (written by Karl Jenkins but played by my band).
Aberdeen Angus was also used, in a remixed version and without permission, for a promotion for
Bamboo Bikes. When I complained they offered to withdraw the video, but I suggested that they add ‘used by permission’ and credit my website as well.

Available on the BBC
Jazz Library with Alyn Shipton
An edited version of the programme recorded in 2009. Included are excerpts from Aberdeen Angus, Mosaics, The Alternate Mosaics, New Conditions, Hoarded Dreams, Hackney Five and Out Blues.

Audio examples available from this site
Click on the CD title in the Recordings and More page to gain access to the file.
To download the audio examples: Control + Click on Macs; Right Click > Save As on Windows.
* signifies that the MSS of the music used is available on the same page as a downloadable PDF.

13 minutes selected from various CDs. Go to home page to access.

full length tracks
The Alternate Aberdeen Angus* from directing 14 Jackson Polllocks
The Third Colour, Out Blues* from The Third Colour

lengthy extracts
Aberdeen Angus* from the first BGO compilation
Blue Spring* from Winter Oranges
Bread & Circuses, Clapping* from Bread & Circuses
Bright as Silver (for Don & John)
from Adam's Marble
Cathedra from the third BGO compilation
from the second BGO compilation
Darius Part One from the third BGO compilation
The Day of the Dead, three extracts from Day of the Dead
The Hackney Five* from Charles River Fragments
Hoarded Dreams, Opening from Hoarded Dreams
Mist on Water from Something British Made in Hong Kong
Mosaics Theme 6* from the first BGO compilation
The Alternate Mosaics, Theme 6* from the second BGO compilation
New Conditions Part 4 from in third BGO compilation
Oxford Palms, Open Blues from Bread & Circuses
from the second BGO compilation
Shapes, Colours, Energy* from The Third Colour
Songs for My Father, Song Three*
from the first BGO compilation
Symphony of Scorpions from Symphony of Scorpions
Three Simple Pieces Part Three* from The Third Colour
Winter Oranges*
from Winter Oranges
Workpoints, Part Two from Workpoints

Other material

all audio examples used in jazz composer are available from the jazz composer site.


memories arrested in space available from the dedicated page at the Quadrosax website
Four Pieces for Paul Klee available from the dedicated page at the Quadrosax website