Graham Collier, 1937-2011

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Luminosity - Graham Collier - The Last Suites

due February 2014

Luminosity Cover

Graham’s jazzcontinuum label will release a double CD of his last two suites ‘The Blue Suite’ and Luminosity’, unrecorded when he died in 2011, in February 2014, under the title Luminosity.

Unforeseen production delays have made the release a little later than we had hoped, but jazzcontinuum has set an official release date of 21 February 2014, which would have been Graham’s 77th birthday. Media copies will be mailed out in the weeks before the official release date. We hope to have copies available from Graham’s The Store here then, as well as at other outlets.

The two last suites were recorded at Livingston Studios in London in June 2013. Graham’s long-time saxophonist Geoff Warren agreed to become in effect ‘executive producer’, organizing and conducting the sessions, with a reconvened line-up of Graham’s The
Jazz Ensemble, featuring friends old and new: James Allsopp, Roy Babbington, Mark Bassey, Graeme Blevins, Roger Dean, Andy Grappy, John Marshall, Andy Panayi, Ed Speight, Martin Shaw, Art Themen, Trevor Tomkins, Steve Waterman and Jonathan Williams.

As the very last suite, ‘Luminosity’, was inspired by the works of Abstract Expressionist painter Hans Hofmann, we approached the Hofmann Trust and obtained permission to use one of the Hofmann paintings,
Blue Monolith, 1961, which inspired one of the ‘Luminosity’ pieces, on the cover.

Luminosity will be available from Graham’s online store, as well as at Amazon and other outlets, physical and virtual, as both a double CD and as a download.

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“relook”, a memorial 75th birthday celebration


Shortly before he died in September 2011, Graham sat down to compile a double CD of his favourite pieces from his 46 years of recording his own music, which he had hoped to send to radio stations and other media to celebrate what would have been his 75th birthday, on 21 February 2012. Luckily he had finalised the track list before he died on September 9, and while initially uncertain about the future of the project, I quickly realised it was important to complete it, now, sadly, as a memorial rather than a celebration for his 75th birthday. Graham originally envisaged the CD as a promotion-only release to celebrate the birthday, but it will now be made commercially available by jazzcontinuum from his web store and the usual channels on February 21.
Further information and contemporary critical comment on each album featured on the compilation is available at the “Recordings & more” page on the menu bar above, where there is also a page of background notes on each track on “Relook”.


An extraordinary jazz composer... whose works should be better known in the U.S.
Howard Mandel, author of Miles, Ornette, Cecil, Jazz beyond Jazz

On the evidence of this performance, the services of Graham Collier should be secured by just about every big band on the planet.
John Shand, The Sydney Morning Herald

One of the most genuinely modern big band compositions to come out of Britain for twenty years.
Duncan Heining, Jazzwise

Among the most exhilarating, sensual, beautiful and disturbing performances in this era’s jazz.
Ray Comiskey, The Irish Times

On any short list of the most polemical writers in jazz today, he is fighting for the top spot.
Ted Gioia,

Some press comments from Graham Collier’s 45 year career as a composer, one who is regularly compared to Gil Evans, Charles Mingus, and Duke Ellington, is listened to by pop groups such as Babyshambles, who continues to influence young jazz musicians around the world, and who knows jazz has a past but needs a future. A future he is helping to shape with his radical approach.

The last concert, ‘The Blue Suite’ and ‘Luminosity’, reviewed
‘The rich fulness of Collier's harmonies, the imagination and inventiveness of his orchestral colour, and the marvellous fluency of the improvisations...’
(From a review of a concert in Halifax, Nova Scotia, February 2011.)

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The montage includes music from:
Portraits (1973)
Deep Dark Blue Centre (1967)
New Conditions (1976)
Bread and Circuses (2003)
Adams Marble (1995)
Symphony of Scorpions (1977)
Darius (1974)
Something British Made in Hong Kong (1987)
Midnight Blue (1975)
Hoarded Dreams (recorded 1983, released 2007)

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